Need an envelope for a 8″ card – why not make a wrap ???

As promised here is the workshop on how to make the wrap for that large square card

1. Take 2 pieces of  Antique gold stardream card and measure one piece

8cm`s in from the edge – then score top to bottom

measure 1.5cm`s from this score line and score again – this should leave you with approx. 20cm`s

Once you have scored the 2 lines fold and crease them neatly score so that the 2 sides raise upwards to give your depth of the side in the card – best to see photo

Take the second piece of card and score in 6cm`s – score then measure 1.5cm`s then score and you should have 22cm`s left and fold in the same way

You can have less than the 1.5 depth to the wrap – I have just made it this height as it was for the Tapestry frame card I made as I wanted to send it to a friend

Place 3 rows of double sided tape on the flap that measures 8cm`s ( on the top side as shown below )  – this is the first sheet you did – then place the large piece of the second sheet over the tape and secure down – you need both flaps to be facing upwards – I have angeled the card just so you can see it properly but it would need to be square on when sticking it down


2. Take your making image topper and place it onto the top of the now completed wrap


3. Lift the topper off and place double sided tape were it doesn`t show under the topper – then add a length of organza ribbon – the short end can be to the right hand side of the topper and longer so it will go all around the back of the wrap


4. Pass it around the wrap


5. And secure with a bow


6. This is the card that the wrap housed – and i`ll add the workshop for this one day


7. You can also use 2 sheets of borderless printed paper with a co-ordinating paper to your project – this I have edged with gold pentouch


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop



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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


3 thoughts on “Need an envelope for a 8″ card – why not make a wrap ???

  1. This is such a great alternative to an envelope for bigger cards, or infact any size of card. Thank you so much for this workshop Suzanne.

    Jo XX

  2. Thank you so much for posting this idea. I tried this for my Sister-in-law’s 50th Birthday card – it was so easy to make but so effective. I lined it with 2 joined sheets of A4 patterned paper vertically leaving enough paper at top and bottom fto form a flap which I folded inwards to hold the card in place (kinda like an envelope). She loved it!

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