Tri Fold Cookie Gift

Today`s workshop was just a project that I hadn`t made up as a workshop but people seem to like it when I added it just as a one off piece so I have taken more photo`s and written it all up

Nice easy project what with Christmas on peoples minds – lots of pressies to but although this one cost me £1.20 for the cookies and I just used one piece of A4 card and toppers and a piece of ribbon some 3 paper flowers and some cellophane – all of which I had a basics in my cupboard – I feel it looks worth a lot more

1. Take a piece of stardream card or whatever card you wish – I like the stardream as it`s strong and double sided – now score it into a tri fold card – if you don`t have a scoring board then divide and score into 3 equal sections


2. From the Enchanted Christmas cd– copy and paste using the snapshot tool 3 images or 5 if you need more for decoupaging – for this project I have exactly extended the image downwards to make it a bit longer to help fit the tri fold


3. I have written out this recipe and taken a photo so you can see and use it if you wish – it`s just one I found on the Internet but haven`t ever made


4. You`ll need 2 frame that have the middles cut out , but if you are careful you can use the middle as part of your decoupaging – I have then cut out the girl and her cookies and bowl – 3 layers is nice


5. Place your frame onto the middle section more towards the top so you can add a sentiment later – I have turned the frame over and drawn around the inside of the frame so you don`t get any pencil lines


6. Cut out just the outer side of the frame – only 2mm`s max as you need something for the frame to be stuck to


7. using 3mm double sided tape stick the frame down


8. Then turn the project over and add the other frame to the back matching it up exactly – this will finish the inside off nicely


9. Place one of the other tags onto the outer edge of the card and make sure it`s level with the cut out frame


10. Take some backing paper of the cookies and make a rectangle for the base of the recipe – I have printed the recipe out and the torn the edges and covered with old paper distressed ink – or you could just print on a cream piece of paper – mount it onto the backing paper using double sided foam tape and then add some decoupage of the little girl


11. Then the sentiment of `Merry Christmas to you all & a Happy New Year ` has been added – again on foam tape – make a hole half way down on the 2 outer edges – I have used a Japanese screw punch and then attach organza ribbon – this has been passed through and then knotted on the inside and then looks neat with a pointy end


12. This is the back view


13. Then add some cookies – these are shop bought but could be homemade – place then in the centre of some cellophane – gather up all the edges to the top and tie a ribbon to hold it – I have used a thing green ribbon and then dress the bag using some more thick ribbon and some papers flowers too

The sentiment of ` Bring back memories of when we were little ` have been added too

Pass the cookies down the centre of the tri fold card and trim the cellophane to your required height – the top of the cellophane actually holds the cookies in place when you hold the card up – so once they are eaten you have the card without any glue or sticky on it – maybe use it again

This idea would work with other frames from different cd`s and you could make them for Birthday`s


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop  – Suzanne

If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog



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