How to make a box in different sizes with self lining sides – Part 2

 So we have part 2 of the box workshop – here is part 1 if you have missed it

11. So we got to the scoring stage in the last workshop – now fold all the score lines – I like to use a bone folder for crispness – then you have the box base ready to assemble


12. Take the 2 longer sides and fold them / crease them into position so they are standing upwards with the outer section folded inwards – also pull the tab around too

At this point it will show if you have been accuratewithyour measuring and cutting – you need to make sure all the inner pieces of card with sit nicely into the box – when folding them in you will see if they are correct – if not trim slightly to adjust the edges of the pieces that will line the box

When I made mine I only had to trim a m/metre of one edge – but that was down to my cutting – so i`m sure you`ll be fine


13. Apply double sided tape or the tape pen to the outer flap – so that would be in the photo below where the tape pen it pointing – the tape pens I have to say I have used as I find it very strong especially when i`m trying to remove something – so ideal for a strong hold


14. Then secure the sides down – do this on both long sides – where both thumb & finger are below


15. Now turn the box base over and apply tape / or glue if you want – (I have used the tape pen for everything ) to the 4 tabs


16. Turn the box back over and stick the tab onto the top shorter edge of the box – with the flap outer edge still left free – I have marked this point with a `x`

Work on the principle making sure all the edges are nice a straight and butted up to the edge


17. Do this on all 4 tabs


18. Then finally add tape to the 2 remaining edges and fold then in – and there you have your finished base


19. Now you need to make a lid – I measured the base and added 2 mm`s to the rectangle size – I scored an inch on the bottom and side edge and then measured my box size plus the 2mm`s and then scored another inch on the other side and top edge – the lid I made here has the tabs showing inside as I made it from thicker card and it fitted 100% first time – but you can make it the same technique if you wish


20. I then matted some tapestry card on silver mirriand tied a white ribbon around the piece and attached with foam tape for extra depth


21. The sides I used a circle punch and just cut half the card away to give a nice place to lift the box or just to add a nice finish – I did measure half way on both sides before hand as I have made a normal box before and the were slightly off and I had to do it again as I wasn`t happy

There is a workshop 3 after the C&C show on the 26th of October has aired for something extra in the box


Thanks for sharing in today`s Workshop part 2  – Suzanne


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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


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