Tri fold Upright Christmas Card

Today`s card is so hard to show as it has three sides so I have added the flat first photo so you can see all the decoupaged images – these are all from the Enchanted Christmas Cd with the backing paper from the Victorian Christmas Cd – is one of those cards that will sit nicely on a mantle piece or a table at Christmas and can be viewed for different angles

It can be posted flat and then tired up when it is received – I made one of these cards – the original one with images from the Angels & Fairies cd which works well all year round

Thanks for sharing in today`s card – Suzanne


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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


10 thoughts on “Tri fold Upright Christmas Card

  1. That’s brilliant Suzanne 🙂 It also solves the problem that my daughter has with limited display areas in her living room. Last Christmas I made her and the girls a star card each, unfortunately there was no room to have them open on display as modern houses are very limited in space. This could be the style for this year’s cards he he 🙂 Jenny M x

  2. What a great idea Suzanne, that is so effective and I should really give it a try but (confession time now!!!!) I have a problem following instructions and making shaped cards/different folds. For example I still have an unopened HH window template and WS curvy one, numerous others too no doubt that are still in the packets as I took one look at the instructions and went into a panic LOL!

  3. Denise and Wendy – I have a workshop on this one for a later date if you do get stuck with the measuring of the top
    Thanks for the kind words

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