How to make a box in different sizes with self lining sides – Part 1

 Today`s workshop is an idea based on wanting a box a set size for a project and also making it stronger without having to cut lots of extra panel for inside the box – the ones that cover the tabs – this will come in 2 parts so you get the full effect of the box and then in an extra twist there will be a 3rd part after the launch show of the baby love cd – so watch out as it`s a useful extra to a box design

So firstly the picture below is how the finished base of the will look with a neat no tabs showing in the inside of the box – then I made a lid and finished the box off – it is so easy and this was my first go at doing this design – so wanted to share it with you

1. Take your object you want to make a box around and place it in the middle of the card – this might be a A5 size card or something smaller – you just need you card to big enough to allow 2 widths of the depth of the box – here I have used an A3 sheet of card – So a useful idea to create different size boxes or depths to the box


2. Draw around – or as I did on the origanal just score around so you have now pencil marks – leave a 3mm plus width all around


3. Now add the depth of your box – I have chosen an inch depth – so measure 2 lots of inch widths and draw a line or score – do this all around


4. Now you will have you measurements for the box


5. Also extend the lines to the edges that were near the photograph and trim around the outer edge leaving to lines visible all around


6. Having the box base with the short sides top and bottom – cut up to the second line


7. Then trim the other outer 3 squares off – ensuring you leave the square with the slit in place – this will be your tab to the box


8. Now cut an angle up to the top point


9. Do this on all of the other 3 sides so you are left with a shape like this


10. Now score all the lines – even the tabs 


Sorry to stop here and thanks for sharing in today`s workshop part 1 

 part 2   –   click here


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