Gold Leafing with Stickum Powder

Well yesterday it was asked if foiling worked using the stickum powder on Joanna Sheen`s forum and having not used it – I just had to try it as the product says it does foil

So bearing in mine this is my first ever go and did it first time – I can only say yes and i`m very pleased with the results

I used versamark and stamped the image and then added the stickum powder and then heat embossed it – I did like I would with all products that you need to work quick with give an extra burst of heat all over at the end to ensure it was all hot and sticky and this flipped the foil on top and patted down – then took a colour dusters and wiped off all the excess and was quite rough as I really wanted to test this – then I went over with my finger and rubbed in the small bits and it came off fine – the end result below

So I guess if you are having problems then it will be not enough heating at the embossing stage

Hope this helps and answers any problems – Suzanne


4 thoughts on “Gold Leafing with Stickum Powder

  1. That looks lovely Suzanne, I will wait with baited breath to see the card made with that in it he he 🙂 You are such a clever lady 🙂 Jenny M x

  2. Jenny I wasn`t planning a card with this just trying the technique out – but maybe as you asked it might get finished soon – I`m in the middle of some samples so won`t be yet

  3. Thanks Suzanne, I have the powder but haven’t got around to trying it out yet, will remember your tips though.

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