Accordion Style Pop Out Bookmark Card

Today`s workshop is an accordion style pop out  bookmark card – which is basically 2 pop out card stuck together

But it`s nice to have the pictures to see exactly the shapes needed – in this project I have used the bookmarks from Jayne Netley Mayhew cd – it`s a great style card as the bookmarks fit will in the size of this card and I will later show you some other images on cards I have made in the past

1. The project is hard to photo the front and inside so have tried my best to show you the designs in full – this front one also shows the small image added to the back of the card to make a nice flow of the images


2. Take 4 A4 sheets of card – I have used the Mars Stardream cardas it works well being double sided – then print of 8 bookmarks – I have used the main bookmark and then the co-ordinating one with the words added to it – for this I have copied and pasted the bookmarks to a plain word sheet and used 4 rectangle ones and 4 rounded bookmarks – also print a large topper and 2 if you are to decoupage the butterfly


3. Matt all the bookmarks onto gold mirri and cut them out leaving a 3/5mm border – it`s whether you prefer a large border or smaller one – also you will have to go carefully around the rounded bookmarks to give a smooth line – Once you have cut these all out set aside


4. Take your A4 card – score 2 in half – which would be the half A4 line and then the other 2 score the same and then again at the A4 Gatefold line – these last 2 will be the pop out pieces


5. Now using double sided tape down the 2 outer edges – stick down one of the top pop out pieces to the bottom A4 folded card – I like to use the tab process when doing cards like this as it allows you to stick down your work and get it right and if you are slightly out then you can move it – these cards need to be exactly right – here is the tab workshop


6. Once you have stuck one side down now do the other side – repeat these last 2 steps with the other 2 pieces of card


7. Then you will be left with 2 pop out pieces – which will just need to be stuck together one on the front and the other on the back – just like below – now you can either use double sided tape or as I have use the tape and down the side with the fold add so bookbinders glue – I would then make sure no glue seeped out the fold and place it under some books till it had set – this is more for piece of mind that with the weight of the card the tape won`t come apart


8. Now for the fun part to decorate the card – place the bookmarks onto the pop out pieces – I have used double sided foam tape – as I like depth but you may which it to be flatter


9. I have added the 2 rectangle bookmarks to the first 2 spaces the used the rounded design for the 3rd


10. Work your way around – keeping all the rounded ones together – and this will give your finished inside – on one side


11. Here`s how the second side will look


12. Now for the tassles – make a hole just higher the half way down with a Japanese screwpunch or however you would do – passing from the front push the tassle through and hold the tassle loop open  


13. And flip the tassle through and pull tight – do this with the other edge – be careful to make sure the holes are at the same height


14. Now add your mounted Main topper and decoupage the butterfly if you wish – and add a little topper to the back – and here if your finished card


This is the orginal sample using a pre made Accordian card and just stuck it together in the middle – but I have to say I prefer the handmade version as shown – with images from theEnchanted Chrismas Cd

Here is another variation of the card – using Joanna`s decoupage sheets and some images from the Enchanted Christmas cd

and also using the Floral Fantasty cd


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop – Suzanne





12 thoughts on “Accordion Style Pop Out Bookmark Card

  1. I really like this one Suzanne, I think I could manage this one…..thanks again for all your hard work……Ann xxx

  2. Many thanks for this one Suzanne I have often wondered how you do it, such clear instructions and photos. I will definatelt have a go.

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  4. I did this card after visiting Suzanne, who gave me the ‘ingredients’ and basic card. I’ve done another since and it is a brilliant card to do and very impressive!! My mother absolutely loved the one that Suzanne started for me! Janet

    • Janet – it was a day to remember and i`m so pleased you liked the card , I really enjoyed you and Dee taking the time to stop on your journey home

      Thanks for making the day special
      Suzanne x

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