Triple Embossing – September Advice Page Winning Question

 Today`s workshop is in answer to the

 winning question from the September Advise page  by Jenny M

 and although I have slightly answered the question in a workshop I had done with stampbord– there are many was to do triple embossing , so I`m showing another way and at the end of the month I have another workshop once the new cd is out

The main aim in answer to Jenny`s question on how to get triple embossing without cracks when you need to straighten your work that has curled at the edges – is to make sure the backing is strong enough to support your work whilst embossing it

Today`s workshop shows how you can do that with different / differcult shapes – and the same principle can be used for other stamped or printed images that need to have shape to them  

1. First take your stamp you want to use – in this case it the frame stamp so we can cut the oval centre out

then take some thick card – I have used some 270g card – you`ll find it might crack when you cut this card but it won`t be seen so don`t worry –  cut 3 rectangles the exact size if not a few mm`s smaller than the frame size


2. I have used versafine imperial purple inkpad  to stamp the image onto just normal thin card – at this point you can colour in the image before embossing – cut the oval centre out


3. Lay the frame onto your thick card and draw around the oval


4. Then cut out just the other side of the line so it is slightly smaller than the main stamped image – so as not to see any of the blue when the triple embossing starts


5. Do this on all 3 pieces


6. Then you are left with 3 cut out frame and the stamped frame – the reason for doing this is to have a piece of card strong enough but as you are cutting out an odd shape you can`t do this on to thick of card and need to build up the thinner layers


7. Now you can either glue all 3 layers together – or do as I have done and attach the 2 frames together with the tape gun – or DST


8. Place the 2nd frame onto the frame you have just added the tape or glue to


9. On the final layer I like to use Red line 3mm tape – this takes the heat more and as it`s nearer the heatgun that is why I use it – so add it to the frame and then onto the other 2 already taped together frames


10. Now add your stamped image again using the red line tape


11. Stamp it with Versamark – all over the stamped image


12. Sprinkle over the super thick embossing powder


13. Then heat the embossing powder – now normally you can quickly whilst the powder is still warm flip it into the powder again and repeat twice more – I find it doesn`t always apply evenly so I allow the piece to cool and then add the versamark again and then the powder ( probably not the correct way but it has the same results and it works for me ) –  make sure on the final layer that it is heated enough to allow the powder to be completely clear of bubbles – so it is all nice and even


14. Then you will have your finish piece – ready to add a photo or mount onto a card – I will add a finished card soon using this piece – promise


So I hope that has shown a way to get over the piece cracking as this is thick enough that it doesn`t bend during heating


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop


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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper



2 thoughts on “Triple Embossing – September Advice Page Winning Question

  1. Thank you very much for answering my question. I think my problem was the lack of sturdiness behind the image being triple embossed. I’ll try it again now with your instructions and let you see the finished result 🙂 Thanks again Suzanne. Jenny M xx

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