How To Make A Napkin or Hanky Embellishment

 Today`s workshop is how to make the embellishment that went with this sample from the Pamela West Cd & the sundae glass too 

1. Take your topper and mount on mirri card – also print off 2 more images of the same size


2. Take one of the other images – cut the sundae glass out and then fold and crease along the lines in the glass – leaving the base flat  


3. Add this to the mounted image – also build your picture with decoupaging the bowl , flowers and the ice cream – I have also decoupaged the curtain by cutting off the lace edge – this just gives extra depth to the curtain


4. Now for the napkin – take a 2.5″ square of fabric – the first one I did using inkjet linen as it was a piece of scrap to small to use in the printer – this time I couldn`t find anything so it`s from an old pillow case !!!!


5. Now glue around the 4 edges – this will catch all the edges that would fray


6. Once it`s dry trim the fraid bits off – then add some more glue to carry on with the next steps

( at this point I found my glue wasn`t as thick as the first sort I used so I changed over to 3mm red high adhesive tape – my first glue was in a small tub with a yellow lid – a bookbinders glue ) – it is nice and quick with glue , but also works well with the tape – so either technique just follow the following steps


7. Add the red tape around the 4 edges


8. Remove red part of the tape and take your lace – lay it onto the tape – when you get to the corner stick it down & then across and nip the small amount of lace at the corner and then carry on laying to the right – you`ll see easily when you do it


9. Continue around – the lace might fall upwards which is fine – and it doesn`t matter if you don`t do the last corner as it won`t be seen – if you are using the  glue method then allow to dry at this point


10. Take the napkin and fold in half – diagonally


11. Now gather the napkin up holding the middle of the plain fabric part and pleat it by hand each side


12. Now wrap around some of the red tape – making sure you can get the red part off again for the next step – or you could tie with a piece of cotton


13. Add a piece of organza ribbon – I liked the green to bring out the colour from the picture and then added a strawberry , I placed the strawberry to the front of the napkin and curled the wire behind and all around and underneath the strawberry to secure it on


14. Now add to the finished card & that`s the workshop complete


I have added this photo – although it`s not a great one of the first one I ever made to go with the Dancing with Shadows image and act as a hanky to match the image – the hanky has a small pearl embellishment which don`t tell anyone came from my new unworn bra as it was falling off when it was unpacked – well us crafters don`t throw anything away !!!


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop


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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


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4 thoughts on “How To Make A Napkin or Hanky Embellishment

  1. That’s brilliant 🙂 You make these things seem so easy but I wouldn’t even have thought of it he he. Gorgeous cards, including the one with the shh pearl part on 🙂 Jenny M xx

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