Double Pop Out Card – using Jayne Netley Mayhew images – Part 2

Here is part 2 of the double pop out workshop – if you missed part 1 then it`s here

12. So we were up to the part when you were holding the middle part of the pop out forward so it didn`t stick down

The next part is to with the tabs still facing towards the ovals on the tape fold the card shut 

 ( this is the telling time is you have scored in the right places – which if you have done everything on the A5 of half A5 mark then you shouldn`t have a problem )

Once you are happy the card shuts properly and in the centre ( ensuring your card is level across the top and bottom ) – if not open and lift the tiny pieces of tape that would have stuck down and close again


13. When you open the card the tabs will be seen through the ovals and you need to just pull the away – this is the card complete – ready for the decorating


14. I have copied and pasted the images onto one sheet and as I have mentioned I mirror imaged one of the Blue Tit`s so I could have it on the opposite side and it looks the right way – so decoupage your images – some like the leaves on the Blue Tit I had 2 layers for extra depth

I can`t say how many images you will need as you might want to use your own images – just play and have fun


15. Now place them onto your card – I like to curve the images too for added dimension


16. Now to finish off the front – take a piece of light blue stardream card and use that to matt the Blue Tit image on the front too – add double sided tape to left hand side of the topper – it looks like the right on this photo as I have flipped it over – make sure you don`t go over half way else it will be seen underneath


17. Then place on the left hand side of the card and again decoupage if you which – that is your workshop complete  


18. I have added other cards you might have seen but felt I should group them all together – this one is for a 50th Anniversary and uses the flowers from the Victorian Flowers cd and the bell from the Bridal set– which at the time of posting are on a very special offer – half price multi buy


19. The inside uses the bridal stamp as the pop out part and makes for a fun different aperture as you have all the lovely embossing around the edges


20. This card uses the Dancing with Shadows image and the oval from the frame set


21. Finally this is the first one I ever did for the launch of the Pick Of The Day  Enchanted Christmas cd

The front image has lots of little bits decoupage to make a lovely card for a child


22. The inside is just filled with lots of images and you will notice the seam in the card on this card – that is what inspired me to do a card without a join and why the other style was born


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop

Again this isn`t as hard as it may seem – but is you feel better about not wasting any card stick some A4 copy paper together and have a dry run with that


Please enter the October Advise Page with a chance to win

The win the card below – a Pamela West card and lots of crafty goodies too

September WINNER information here

In a new twist to the page i`m going to try and answer more of the problems even if they are not the winning number , sadly without a prize but with the hope the answer will help you – that way hopefully a lot more questions will be resolved

With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog


3 thoughts on “Double Pop Out Card – using Jayne Netley Mayhew images – Part 2

  1. Thanks Suzanne, I got the first bit sussed, got the card all scored and cut, now I need to find something to decorate it with. Trouble is I’ve got far too much choice with all these new cd’s coming out lol
    Beryl x

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