October Monthly Advise Page – WIN Craft Goodies & A Card



 Pam (Marigold) said,

October 15, 2008 at 6:51 am · Edit

Hi Suzanne, what is the best method to get an even border when matting and layering. I always have problems getting them perfectly straight.

Many thanks
Pam x

Please get in contact and i`ll send off your prize – congratulations and thanks for taking part – thanks all for taking the time to write

I will start this page again in January all being well – Suzanne


Solve a problem by a step by step workshop 

and win a card & goodies too in the process


Whilst I don`t  claim to know everything about crafts I like to think I can help people learn things I do know about – and if I don`t know then I enjoy finding out the answers

This got me thinking as people are enjoying my daily workshops – how about trying to answer some of peoples cardmaking problems in a step by step form

So If you have a problem with your cardmaking and you want a step by step workshop to show how to solve it then please leave the issue you want solving in my comments at the bottom of the item ( max. 2 questions per person – thank you )

At the end of the month 31-10-08  – I will get a number generated ( watched by another person ) and set about solving the problems as part of one of my daily workshops – this should apear within the next couple of weeks from picking the problem

If your number / problem is picked i`ll send you a card as a way of a thank you

 & a parcel containing card , papers , ribbon & some embellishments too

This is not as in the main photo !!!! – but will be a nice selection of goodies

This months card to give away is one using the new cd by Joanna – Pamela West as well as the carfty goodies too 

In a new twist to the page i`m going to try and answer more of the problems even if they are not the winning number , sadly without a prize but with the hope the answer will help you – that way hopefully a lot more questions will be resolved

With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


12 thoughts on “October Monthly Advise Page – WIN Craft Goodies & A Card

  1. Suzanne what is the best way to stamp acetate whenever i try when i lift the stamp it brings part of the image with it. I have some stamps to use on acetate an can’t get any use of them.

    Thanks for your help
    Kathleen x

  2. Hi Suzanne…I’m not sure if you have covered this yet…but my question for this month is how do you make an acetete card that looks like the image is floating and can you put an insert in this type of card?
    I hope this makes sense!

    Sheila xx

  3. hi Suzanne, as you know the big A4 cards (A3 folded in half I believe) are all the rave at the moment, could you please show me how to make an envelope to fit the card as I’m having major problems trying to get some. Many thanks, Karen

  4. Hi Suzanne I have just seen your beautiful card and diary to match….now I haven’t got one of those binding machines but I was wondering it there was another way to secure the pages.

    Sheila xx

  5. I’d like some suggestions for decorating the spine of a card. I’ve used ribbon and beads but think there must be other things to use that don’t just look like a piece of wool or thread wound around as an afterthought!! Also, I’m sure beads can be used more imaginatively than just threading strings of them and hanging from a brad!!
    Love all the latest cards and workshops, Janet

  6. Hi Suzanne, what is the best method to get an even border when matting and layering. I always have problems getting them perfectly straight.

    Many thanks
    Pam x

  7. Hi Suzanne…

    I wondered if you could advise the best way to go about embossing…

    Every time I attempt it…

    1. My cardstock warps
    2. The embossing powder sticks not only to the stamped image but seems to stick to the rest of the card too.

    Many thanks


  8. Is there a foolproof way of successfully using shrink plastic please Suzanne? I have seen numerous demos on TV etc. but when I hold the plastic down with a pair of tweezers whilst heating I find that the tweezers leave a visible indent where they have touched the plastic. I did try shrinking the plastic in the oven but it hardly seems worth putting the oven on for a couple of minutes and I could not get the timing right so they were a little, errrrr, scorched shall we say!!!!

    Also, what is the best way of colouring the image before shrinking? I have tried chalks, marker pens, paints, Sakura pens and have only had success a couple of times with the Sakura glitter pens, everything else either doesn’t work or never dries so the colour comes off when I handle the shrunken image!!!!!!

    Hope you can help.



  9. Suzanne, i love Vellum and have some beautiful sheets but i am terrified of it, every time i use it i mess it up so please a lesson on how to use it, what to use it with, the right glues, inks, stamp pads and pens, which will and which will not take on vellum, sorry the list is endless ha ha,

    many thanks


  10. Hi Suzanne, I just love all your workshops really inspirng, would love to have the answers to all the questions as well. My question is that I love to make 8x 8 cards, but I am finding that the weight of decoupaage on the front makes the card curl slightly as if the decoupage is to heavy for the weight of the card. Although I have tried heavier cardstock I have a lot of lighter weight card that I would like to use up, have you any ideas please.

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