A4 Frame / Decoupage Card

Today`s workshop is how to make this A4 card – I don`t often make large cards but the  Victorian frame needed something bigger to fit it on so I thought why not and I had just added the La Pashe `Remember When` workshop – wish used the same shape base card – I do find my work follows on from something I have just done – so I pleased to do so with this because you`ll see from the photo`s the sample wasn`t going to be this shape or colour – but that`s what I love about crafting – you can easily change your mind

1. I have copied and pasted using the snapshot tool on the cd onto a blank sheet – to get at least 6 lily heads – this is to go with the frame I am using from the new Victorian Frame set


2. You need 2 flowers to go into the frame – set about decoupaging the flowers and removing more and more of the flower as you work up – for extra depth I have cut into the flower down each petal and curved the flower – these gives the look of even more depth than normal


3. This isn`t the base card – you`ll see soon – but take your frame and run a edge of gold pentouch around the edge and then take the backing paper  ( used from the Victorian Flowers cd and the image was on the basket sets – the topper was like the embellishment at the bottom of the card on the main photo ) – cut the backing paper bigger than the frame and matt onto mirri card


4. Using foam tape or pads mount the frame onto the backing paper and assemble the flowers – I find using silicone gives the best depth onto the inside of the frame – set aside this until you have done the next piece 


5. Take 2 A4 sheets of card – score 2

cm`s in from the left hand side and using a Japanese screw punch to add a couple of holes for some brads later – it`s best to measure half way and then work outwards to find your measurements to place the holes

Now I have attached a piece of thick velvet ribbon – in moss green


6. This has been down by making a slit in the score line of the front of the card – threading the ribbon through ( This technique of making a slit for the ribbon I saw on Jak`s blog and is a very handy way to add ribbon to a card, it was a few month`s ago )


7. passing it all the way around the inside of the card and back around the edge of the card


7.1 & then attach back around the front of the card – I have done this to the right of the front and will be covered later


8. Then make an insert using a full sheet of the backing paper – egde with gold pentouch and then I have taken an image from a insert and copied and pasted it to a blank sheet and again edged that with gold

You will now need to match up the insert and the front and back of the card and punch some holes in the insert


9. Then add a couple of co-ordinating brads and then I have used the basket topper from which the backing paper is from and cut out the main part and decoupaged the lid and then added it to the ribbon

The velvet ribbon was inspired by this image and ties it all together


10. Just a different view of the card and insert together


Thanks for looking in today at the workshop



3 thoughts on “A4 Frame / Decoupage Card

  1. You have answered my question about inserts for A4 cards Suzanne. What an inspiration you are – I just love this card.
    Kate x

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