Wedding Invite Sample

Now I know this one is a bit over the top and is only really meant if you have 30 odd to do – but it`s based on a design I made up that I put in a wedding portfolio I made

When I left work to have Erin I started making cards more and having done the craft parties and shows with not to much joy – mainly as I used to send more on what I was making than selling – so I thought invites would be good as you would get 50`s to a hundred per order and wouldn`t have to go looking for to much work

So on finishing this portfolio I put similar invite to this one but in silver / grey card and you guessed it a bride can round and that`s the one she wanted – all 100 off them ( didn`t do the gold lined edge and the heat embossed heart – although it was a embossed bell which I bought a big shot for ) – as this sample was a one off I did finish this one more – whouldn`t have parted with 200 tassels !!!!

The only problem was it was all around the time I started my Sciatica and then my few months of being unable to walk – luckily Mum stepped in and after I cut them all out she worked on them scoring all the lines and leaving me half the work to do – then got finished all having the guests names printed inside and address labels too

The bride was pleased – although for all the hard work a little thank you note would have gone a long way !!

It was after this I decided as my samples for Joanna were more regular that it was enough and I didn`t take the wedding idea any further – but I do still love doing Wedding / occasions samples 

So sorry to go on but it was a turning point in my card making 

Here is the sample I made using the bridal stamps from Joanna – lots of silk mirri card & a couple of mulberry flowers – not forgetting the 2 tassels and paper roses too the card sits nicely in a 155mm square envelope which is handy to have ready made ones to make that job easier

One day i`ll do the measurements as a workshop

If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog

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8 thoughts on “Wedding Invite Sample

  1. Wow, Suzanne that really is some wedding invite. I don’t think it is over the top at all. Truly beautiful. I would treasure it if it came to me.

    Chrissie x

  2. My word!!! That is a stunning invite.
    Really, really gorgeous.
    What a lot of work – a hundred?? – and I can’t believe you didn’t get a ‘thank you’ note.


  3. What a gorgeous invite 🙂 I can’t believe you made a hundred and again that you didn’t get a lovely thank you note 😦 For my part I’m pleased you stopped doing them as it means you now have time to do this blog he he 🙂 Jenny M xx

  4. This creation has left me GOBSMACKED…it’s such a stunningly beautiful piece of work Suzanne!!!….and to think you made a hundred of them and to add to that you didn’t even get a thankyou!!!! I’d be thnking you every time I saw you for it would have made my day. Imagine handing out invitations as beautiful as that……I don’t think I could part with them!!!
    Thank you for sharing you wondeful work with us Suzanne.

    Sheila xx

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