Pop Out Frame card Workshop – Part 2

Part 2 of the Pop Out Frame card

I have split the workshop into 2 parts so you can have a detailed workshop – for part 1 please click here – so this part is to finish the card below starting from the point that we had a scored from and decoupaged flower ready

Workshop part 2

9. Take your backing paper and line up where you want the image to sit – I like my image to have a central point and look even


10. Snip at the top of the frame edge so you get a perfect line so the top and bottom match exactly as part of the backing paper will be shown – the side to side pieces can be a bit smaller so you don`t see them from the sides as the frame will cover the shortage of the paper – fold the backing paper in half once it`s cut


11. Now attach the backing paper to the back of the frame – this is done with a single strip of double sided tape down the thin edge of the frame – I like to leave the edge of the tape showing out till you know you have the frame level and then remove the tape – this technique is like this shown here


12. Fold the frame and the now attached backing paper closed


13. Score a piece of A4 card at a 5″ score line on your board – or measure 5″ in and score

I like to have an embossed line around the edges of the card


14. Place double sided tape on the 2 edges of the backing paper of the frame and place into the crease of the card – it will be short of the top and bottom of the card – but that is part of the appeal


15. Now matt and layer with the same colour card as the base card and raise with foam tape and then place your already made decoupaged flower on top


16. To finish off add a sentiment – this is just done on word and then colour over with Tim Holtz `old paper` inkpad and then add the remaining pansy head below the sentiment


17. Here is the finished inside too


Thanks for joining me in these workshops – I hope you`ll try this fun design

If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog



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