Pop Out Frame Card Workshop – Part 1

Today`s workshop I thought I would do as many seemed to like this style of card and as it`s a quick card to make thought it would be a handy one to do

I have split it into 2 parts so you can have a detailed workshop

Workshop part 1

1. Take your frame mount – then I  have taken a scrap of card so I didn`t have to measure half way – folded it in half and that gave me my point to score the frame


2. Now score down your centre line- I always work from the front to get a nice crease


3. Now fold it in half – you`ll find the frames apertures are not all Central but that`s fine you just need to be careful in the next fold


4. You`ll see the left hand score line is not as close as the right hand one – that`s just because I have score at equal half again points – but you need to be sure that you score the other side of the oval and not to close as it can weaken the oval ( oh did I find that out !!! – not on this one but on the next one I did)


5. Now print out your flower to match the frame – this is from the Victorian Flowers cd – I have used the snapshot tool so that I didn`t waste as much ink


6. Decoupage your pieces out – with one main image and the flower head and individual petals for extra depth – you`ll also need one set of the pansy head for below the sentiment


7. Assemble the main image – curving the petals for extra depth and I use silicone glue as I like the movement and extra height it can give  


8. So now you have The pop out ready and your decoupaged flower


Part 2 will continue Monday

If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog



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