Making a gift bag from an envelope

Well today`s workshop is just the basics for you to adapt this style within your crafting

Sometimes you might want a quick bag for your crafty work or present and here I have shown you how using an A4 envelope – but as Joanna Sheen`s cd`s have such stunning backing papers you can adapt this method and make your envelope first using one made from the backing papers or other paper you might have

On some of Joanna`s cd`s are gorgeous pre set out templates for the bags with the images already set – and work well for another quick bag


 but they are smaller sized so this just helps if you want that bigger bag or different patterned bag

1. First seal your envelope closed and trim across the top edge – I have done this landscape but can be done portrait

I have marked in pencil the score lines – but you can make them wider if you want a deeper bag or thinner if you just want a thinner width bag


2. Then score where you have decided you want the depth of your bag  – I have done an inch on all 3 sides ( you need all the measurements to be the same whatever you chose ) – and then score diagonally in the 2 bottom corners as marked here in pencil – this can all be done without using pencil marks or if you do make sure you rub them out afterwards

Once you have scored – fold the lines back and forwards to ensure a neat crisp fold


3. Now pick up your envelope and start to open the side and crease down the score lines


4. Once you are near the bottom – make sure the creases are neat and that the point is formed – basically you want to have neat shape creases to your scored lines


5. Once you are at this point start to poke in the middle score line of the side – this makes the folded side to give you the depth to the bag


6. Once you have the side with the fold in the middle – crisp the score lines so the whole bag sits flat


7. The point from the side is then folded inwards to the base of the bag and taped down – and again needs a fold in the middle


8. Repeat this on the other side and there you will have your base of the bag ready to embellish – cover with a matted panel or whatever you wish – brown envelopes work well as they are strong and can be inked and stamped if you wish


I have done lots of photo`s so you have all the steps to make it easy to follow – It is quick to do  – but I would practice on one envelope for your first go to get the gist of it all and then the skies the limit once you get going

Once I get my samples done I will add a finished sample ( but I have to say i`m on a roll with the samples and although the deadline is a while off I can`t stop playing ( your`re in for a treat is all I can say  )

Thanks for looking in again today – your support is most welcomed and keeps me going

If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog



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