Flora Doodles & Rose Stamp Technique

 After lots of kind comments about the colours and co-ordination of the card I thought I would post the technique I used in doing this

I first came about this idea after seeing Glenda on C&C doing this inking technique and then stamping – and whilst not even in the same league as Glenda I have found it to be a useful technique when wanting to match and tone your work together – I find Glenda stamping and colouring techniques very inspiring and work well with Joanna`s stamps and cd images

The Image I have used is from the Fashion Boutique cd and is teamed with tapestry card & a few paper flowers too – set on green base card and embellished with Flora Doodles with pearl brads in the centre

1. Now I have cheated and as I know i`m only going to see the edges of the card in going to use , then I have only inked that part – I have used a green versacolour cube for this ( it will look messy be keep at it ) – and just wipe it over the edges of the card – at this point you will need the card the right shape for the base card so you don`t have to trim anything off


2. I have then used a distressed ink pad – shabby shutters to go over the top and give and 2 tone green effect – now allow to dry


3. Take your stamp – I have used the afternoon tea stamp – now I have actually cut the middle of the milk jug out – but can easily add it back in when I use that stamp again

Stamp using Green Staz-on and stamp one image and then again to get a faded image in a different place – once you are happy now do the same with a red ink – here i have used stazon blazing red – now allow to be dry which as it`s stazon won`t be long

Go around the edge of the paper with your green ink again to add to the depth of the border and give a smudgy look too


4. Using foam tape I have add the background I have just made to a green 8.25″ square card – as I only have this colour in A4 –  I have used 2 sheets of A4 to make this – Instructions of how to here

Then again added the next layer of white tapestry card mounted onto green card then placed onto the stamped background


5. Now place your image onto the card  – in this case to tie all the colours in I have used the lady from the fashion boutique cd – then added 3 red paper flowers and then embellished with the spotted flora doodles – which have had pearl brads placed into the centres as I have used 2 flowers for each brad – and that is a quick simple card which best shows up matching your colours off your image and embellishments too


Here is the other couple of samples that used the same technique – and although they have been shown on my blog before I just felt they all belonged together – sorry was having a rose stamp day as I call it

But it just goes to show how you can team your colours up together with this technique


If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around the rest of my blog



8 thoughts on “Flora Doodles & Rose Stamp Technique

  1. Suzanne you show great ideas i have started using my flora doodles on cards where i didnt think they would suit. thanks for the inspiration ( i didnt copy any of yours)

    Kathleen x

  2. Reading your tutorials reminds me of items I have in my craft stash and don’t use fully. A little light goes on and the message “Oh I could do that with ….” he he Thanks Suzanne for sharing your inspiration and wonderful colour co-ordination with us 🙂 I love the cards too he he Jenny M x

  3. Great tutorial Suzanne and beautiful, elegant card. Thanks for the Floradoodles that I recently won. I have started to use them in my cardmaking already with good results.

  4. Oh heck! what are you doing to me? That’s another stamp I have had to add to my list. I love the effect you have created and if I can find some small stamps in my box will just have to have a play. Thanks ( I think..lol) they are lovely cards as always.

  5. Suzanne
    Another great lesson. I have just bought a load of Distress Ink Pads and looked for a workshop by yourself. It was most helpful, I nearly always cover my background and realise now what a waste doing the whole sheet. Hugs Dorothy

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