Printable Surfaces for your Cd Crafts

Well today`s piece although it looks like a card from the cover is more of a reference book – I took an image from the Tales of the Orient cd and printed it onto many different printable surfaces – and then it makes for a great reference when wanting to print an image you can see and feel what sort of effect you want quickly

All the images were mounted on oblongs cut from my cricut which made it easy when like the silk it needed to be mounted rather than matted onto card

It would need updating now as there are even more printable papers now – like the silver film and fuzzy paper I like to use – but doing this style card more pages could be added

Thanks for looking in today – please if you are new to this blog have a look through the rest of it

also – Please check out the September competiton / advise page

On the advice page are all the details of how you could win this card below as well as a parcel of craft goodies too – so have a go and leave a question on the advise page



5 thoughts on “Printable Surfaces for your Cd Crafts

  1. That’s a great idea Suzaane. Will have to do that and then maybe I will be able to find the right surface for the project first time.

    Chrissie x

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