Step by step guide to using The Wizard – part 2 finishing the card

 Following on from the workshop Friday – I thought I would finish the card as it brought up a few more tips

13. Take your emboss cut image from the die


14. I have then run an edge of gold around the image and then also made a larger matt using some gold stardream card – this helps add to the image using a this second embossed oval – giving depth to the image


15. I have then decoupaged the flower for a nice feel and more depth


16. The I have taken a piece of the punch colour stardream card – folded it in half and then made it into smaller square card – then matt and layed some tapestry card onto some more gold card – see below for a great tip – then added an organza ribbon around the back and then tied into a knot at the front to roosh the ribbon up


17. – Right my tip is to take the piece of card you used to make the matt for the image – the one now with an oval cut out of it


18. Then place you white square piece of card ( cut beforehand to the required size ) and then trim to give a nice contrasting matt to the white card


19. Add the matt to the base card – I have used foam tape and then add you cut image and place a sentiment at the bottom


Although there are lots of steps to this workshop – it is a very quick card – especially if you have a play day and cut some images ready for that quick card you might need

Thanks for looking in again today – your support is most welcomed and keeps me going

If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around my blog



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