Step by step guide to cut and embossing using The Wizard

Today`s workshop is to have a visual look at how to cut and emboss using `The Wizard ` – mainly as I wanted to play with my nestabilities oval dies that I had just to try – I always find myself having to refer to the instructions to figure out what piece to put where – and whilst this workshop will do that too I wanted to add a few tips that I found handy along the way

1. Using the oval dies are great from pin pointing a part of an image you require – I have have copied and pasted this part of an image from the Heavenly Cd into a plain document and printed – check the image fits nicely with your image – trim roughly around your image so it will fill in the wizard sandwich

I have used the second largest die so I can use the largest for some matting later


2. Lay your emboss board down

Then the thin spacer plate

Then your die


3. At this point I picked the die up and matched where I wanted it to go on my image


4. Then holding the 2 firmly so it didn`t move – place the die and image face down


5. Now place your cut board on top


6. Hold the sandwich tightly together to prevent any moving and place it into the Wizard


7. It was at this point I didn`t know until I watched the demo of the Wizard on C&C – roll your fingers over the front silver part – this helps the sandwich go into the machine with ease


8. Now push and pull the handle to get your sandwich through the machine


9. When it is nearly finished be sure to hold the sandwich as it can shoot out with force – but holding it will ease this


10. Remove all the elements of the sandwich and place the die and the cut image back onto your emboss plate – make sure your image is in the right place ready to emboss


11. Place the tan mat over the die and image


12. Then the cut plate and put through the Wizard again using the technique you have just used


13. Then once through remove all the elements of the sandwich to reveal your perfect cut and embossed oval – or whatever die you chose to use


Click here for part 2 to this workshop and the finished card

thanks for looking in today




2 thoughts on “Step by step guide to cut and embossing using The Wizard

  1. Thank you Suzanne for this post. I have been struggling with my Wizard and a friend has promised to come over sometime to demo. I find it really difficult to start the cranking process. Despite watching the DVD several times. That is why the Wizard has been tucked up in its box since Christmas. I thought if I bought a set of Nesties I would HAVE to use it and I think this information may help me a bit.

    I always enjoy your posts and recently they have become even more useful(probably because I needed this incentive).

    Congratulations again on your 150,000 plus!


  2. Suzanne I have watched with fascination the Wizard but wondered if I could manage it and it would be worth my while but having read your workshop instructions step by step and so very clear I wonder if it might be a “wish list” item. Thanks again for all your help. Hugs Dorothy

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