Joanna Sheen Wedding Dress entry at the NEC 2006

I have been going through my computer as I didn`t know I had been storing my photo`s wrong – well in doing that I have been able to find things I had thought I had lost – so I thought I would share this photo of Joanna`s entry for the Fashion show at the NEC – which was held in 2006

It`s a STUNNING creation and just love the stamped wildlife image throughtout the dress , there are leaves and mushrooms and a woodpecker in there too , and if I remember rightly some blackberries

It was shown in November it had a lovely feel for a wedding at that time of the year – What a wonderful job Joanna and her team made with this dress – you have to look closely at the stamped images – sorry but this is the best photo I have

I just wanted to share this photo as I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row to take the photo


Please feel free to look around my blog 

 there are lots of workshops and samples using  Joanna Sheen porducts


9 thoughts on “Joanna Sheen Wedding Dress entry at the NEC 2006

  1. That is one super dress for a late wedding. It must be hard for a bride to find one to fit in with the season but this design fits the bill. Lovely photo, thanks for showing it
    Carole x

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