Stationary Folder – with Victorian Frame – PART 2

Today`s workshop is the follow on on how to make the stationary folder – quick and easy using a piece of A3 card

This is part 2 of the workshop – part 1 workshop here

7. Take a piece of the gold stardream card and make it thinner than the envelopes and 2cm`s taller that them so you can easily pull then from the stationary pack when need – place your envelopes and paper onto the card and tie with a ribbon – make 2 like this and set aside


8. Take your frame and mount your Victorian photo onto the back of the frame and take your backing paper the William Morris pack – this will be larger than the frame and mount that onto gold stardream card


9. Then place both onto the stationary pack folder using foam tape for both of them


10. I have then edged another piece of the William Morris paper with gold pentouch and then mounted that to the back of the folder using double sided tape


11. Now insert your stationary packs into the folder – I have added some foam tape to the back of the gold card to help them stay in place


12. To finish off I have added an organza ribbon – so that is your stationary folder complete – this technique can be used with many different papers and colours – these are just what I chose to go with the Victorian Frame for the sample


13. And again here is the inside





3 thoughts on “Stationary Folder – with Victorian Frame – PART 2

  1. This is yet another wonderfully laid out project Suzanne, thank you for taking the time to photograph and write up your workshops, it is very appreciated 🙂

    Jo XX

  2. Suzanne

    Thank you so much. I really only ever thought of using the wire binders, which then meant purchasing the equipment. This is so easy and inexpensive. I am really looking forward to making it and using Joanna’s stationery to complete the gift.

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