Stationary Folder – with Victorian Frame – PART 1

Today`s workshop is how to make the stationary folder using the new Victorian frame as the focal point of the folder  – quick and easy using a piece of A3 card

This is part 1 of the workshop – part 2 will follow tomorrow

1. Take an A3 sheet of card and score and fold in half – I have taken the gold stardream card that fits as a border behind the frame and the sheet of baking paper from the pad – place this piece of card on your folded A3 sheet and score across the bottom so you have and equal border on the left hand side and the bottom too


2. Now trim off down the right hand side so all the border edges are the same – remember to leave the bottom score edge


3.  Open the card out and mark the centre of the flap and put your ball tool an inch in and score to the edge of the bottom corner so you have an angle


4. Now keeping your ball tool at the centre point swivel the card around so the other edge lines up with the score line at the top of the photo and score to this point  


5. Cut using the embossed line as your edge – turn your card over and I have edged the design with Sakura gold pentouch across this edge – then place some double sided tape at the points below – I then would add a strong glue like bookbinders glue – or something similar


6. Now you need to allow the glue to set – I like at add pegs and as the glue dries I like to press the glue to the edges and wipe away any glue that seeps out – as it dries clear it doesn`t matter and will make for a nice sealed edge


Part 2 of the workshop tomorrow – click here for it



3 thoughts on “Stationary Folder – with Victorian Frame – PART 1

  1. I saw this on Sunday as well, its lovely. But do not have any A3 card or paper so will have to give it a miss. Unless you can adapt to use A4.

  2. Linda you could have an inch seam down the back were you join 2 pieces of A4 together and work it from there as you do have to trim some card off the righthand side so it would work
    Hope you have a look as they are fun to do
    Thanks Beryl too

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