Set of Drawers Workshop using Flora Doodles draws – Part 1

Today`s workshop is Part 1 in making

a set of drawers using the boxes from the Flora Doodles boxes

Although the same method can be used to cover other depth of boxes – the box was worked around the measurements needed for this height set of drawers

1. Take your empty Flora Doodle boxes – I have used double sided tape and then apply glue too for extra hold – do this on the first box, the underneath or top depending on if you are working upwards or downwards


2. I like to stand them on there side when adding each box in the same method as above so I get the 100% level as they butt up on the worktop


3. Carry on sticking them together till you have your required height – remember not to glue the base and the top one – on the photo below I have changed the 2 brown ribbons to match the others – this was done just by removing the ribbon and placing glue back on the inside to hold the new ribbon


4. Now take your A3 sheet of card and turn your dried boxes upside down and then score at the base of the first side to get your first side of the box cover – I found laying the box on the side from the edge – marking the point and then standing the box up gave you the depth of the box


5. Then do this on the second side & the across the back too


6. Trim off the remaining card from what`s left from after the last score line & cut as if you were making a box tab down the 2 back squares – I always cut 2 v`s in the flaps as you would a normal box


7. Ensure your card fits around the top and sides of your drawers – if it isn`t 100% flush with the floor of the box -( which it shouldn`t be ) then trim to ensure it is – then you are ready to decorate your set of drawers


Part 2 of the workshop is tomorrow

Thanks for sharing in today`s worshop  




4 thoughts on “Set of Drawers Workshop using Flora Doodles draws – Part 1

  1. Oh Suzanne, isn’t this a coincidence? I saw this project on Joanna’s show today and just knew it had to be one of yours and was wondering how to go about making one. You are clever to read my mind 🙂 Looking forward to part 2.

  2. he he – I was just posting this ready for the morning – didn`t think antone would look !!!
    Well I thought it would be topical
    Part tomorrow – well Tuesday !!!!
    Take care

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