WS Designs scalloped brag book

 Today`s workshop is how to make a brag book using the scalloped envelope template by WS Designs

1. The finished brag book

2. Take your template and your sheet of backing paper you want to use – I have used the clover one form the Jane Netley Mayhew Cd – and printed it on a borderless setting and on both sides to save lining the book – I would use a pencil for this but for the workshop just wanted to use something that would show up – draw around the whole of the template


3. Cut around the lines you have just drawn – and score across the lines which will be illustrated in your instructions


4. I like to edge back and front with Sakura gold pentouch for added effect


5. Now depending on how many pages you want – I have used an A3 sheet of card and cut it in half downwards portrait way – so you have 2 long lengths – score at half A5 points and fold all the score to create a concertina page – do this on both pieces of card and the take the first and last page of the 2 sheets and using double sided tape attach them together

Full details and photo`s are on this brag book  


6. Use double sided tape again and on the back of the top page stick it to the inside of the envelope – you want it that the page folds are falling from the bottom


7. Then decorate you book as you wish – I have just added the matching topper


8. To secure the book you can either use velcro dots or as here apply a piece of double sided tape to the centre of the back of the envelope


9. Lay a length of ribbon across the tape and place a topper over it to cover up the tape


10. Close the 2 flaps up on the envelope and close the envelope


11. Then tie it into a bow for a finished brag book


Thanks for looking in today



5 thoughts on “WS Designs scalloped brag book

  1. Great workshop, Suzanne- you have a great talent for thinking outside the box- this is a great idea for that envelope template. Keep up the good work, please, I enjoy reading your blog

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