A3 Trifold card – Mother`s Day Card

Today workshop is actually on one of the first samples I sent into Joanna – at this time I was unaware she had a sample team and just sent in 3 cards I had made from the Victorian Christmas Cd – I made all three using images that could be for an everyday day card – like this on below for a Mother`s Day card

The Dragonfly was a large Christmas decoration that I got with 75% off and – it lays across the card when it opens – the back panel is printed on vellum and secured with a brad and then edged with peel off`s – this was my pre Sakura gold pentouch days !!!! – the middle panel a large embossed rose stamp and then finally the small panel of backing paper and the topper cut with a scalloped oval punch and inked around the edges – finished with a little sentiment

1. Take a piece of A3 card and measure at 2.5inches down from the top left hand side and 2.5inches up from the bottom right hand side – cut across the 2 points


2. You will now have 2 equal shapes to make 2 large cards from one A3 sheet of card


3. Now for ease I mark the edge I need to place my card to score along the A4 score line – I do 11mm`s in from the lead side and mark with permanent pen for another time


4. So place the tallest point up against the A3 line and score at the A4 half fold


5. Move that score line across to the same A3 fold mark and score again at the A4 half mark


6. And there you have you basic shape for your card to decorate as you wish


7. When making lots of them I find making a template with one of the pieces of card handy – this happened by chance as I messed one of the sheets up once – but now have found it useful to not have to worry about measuring for the backing papers – so trim your largest piece leaving a 5mm all round edge to the biggest side of the tri fold card


8. This can also be used to measure the small fold as you have the angle there just need to trim a bit of the bottom when marking out the backing paper


Thanks for looking in today



11 thoughts on “A3 Trifold card – Mother`s Day Card

  1. Hi there never had the need – and i`m not sure of the USA paper sizes , or how they are sold but have these measurements from the stardream workshop if that helps – there is a whole size chart within that write up

    The A3 size is in millimetres 297 mm x 420 mm & in inches 11.69 in.x 16.54 in.

    hope that helps a little

  2. Hi This is my first time looking at your workshop
    and I am really pleased I did as you have done some
    lovely cards I also like the detail and information that
    you post so thank you so much Ann

  3. Hi Can you please tell me how I can keep my small decoupage scissors sharp
    as they go blunt very fast I do clean them often thanks Ann

  4. Ann the only way I keep mine sharp is only use then on the decouapege paper – if i`m using a thicker paper / card then I use an old pair , sometimes i use that pair with the adheshive film inbetween which is harder to cut but as I say keep one for best only and I just replace with a sharper pair when I feel it`s needed
    Sorry can`t help anymore than that – but I do a lot of decoupaging and find they last a long while for me

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