Special Baby Card Memories

Today`s sample is one I made for the launch of the Victorian Companion Cd – I just love this image and the soft colour of the green – so nice for either a Boy or a Girl  – the image was printed on pearl card and then decoupaged around the lace frame & of course a tassel too

Although a sample, I made this card as if I was giving it to my Mum & Dad –  so I could express my feelings – as they helped us through so much when we had Erin – events that happened a few months before we conceived again

I don`t normal like to get to emotional on my blog – just now and then when it`s needed –  but it`s a sad day for me as I have to attend a funeral today and my Mum & Dad are away and can`t attend – this is why I wanted to share this special to me card with you

( the photo inside isn`t Erin as we didn`t want to part with any of her early photo`s) – although I do think this baby is very cute too

One day I will post the measurements of this on a workshop

Thanks for looking in today

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 there is a new giveaway on there to celebrate passing 25,000 hits on my blog & as thank you all for taking the time to visit – information found on above link – 2 prizes already gone

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6 thoughts on “Special Baby Card Memories

  1. It’s beautiful hun and I’m sure that they will be touched to receive the card 🙂 Hugs and positive vibes to help you through today. Jenny M x

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