Part 2 of the workshop – Printable Inkjet Shrink

Part 2 of the workshop – yesterday saw the workshop on the inkjet self adhesive film – and today we are looking at the Inkjet shrink plastic – used as the embellishment and works well with the jump rings – just because it ties in with the image from the cd – although the same technique is used for the shrink if you were stamping the image on your self

1. So take your inkjet shrink plastic and print your image onto the shrink – you will find that shrink darkens as the design shrinks so I use no more than normal setting for the image


2. Cut the image out around the border – I have used the peacock for showing the workshop as I changed my mind and went with the ducks once I had finished – but the technique is the same

Place a whole in the shrink pre shrinking it and make sure you make a large whole as it will shrink to – I used the bigger attachment on the Japanese screw punch and it does still come out small – but it`s enough for the jump rings


3. Now start heating your image – use a metal pokey tool for holding the shrink still – anything wooden can burn with the heat – and don`t do it on your cutting mat as it warp – this is an old one as I found it out to my cost !!!


4. The shrink will start to curl


5. And really start to twist


6. At this point I normally turn the shrink over – flicking it with my pokey tool


7. Then it seems to go mad – but don`t worry it will all take shape


8. As soon as it does flatten with your acrylic block


9. I would then edge with Sakura gold pentouch


10. There you will have your shrink designs – great for embellishments of as a main image to a small card – or ATC`s


11. Also for adding a quick touch to a card or gift


Thanks for sharing in today`s quick and simple workshop – not a difficult one but useful as I aim to add something for all levels of crafting

Please have a look at the competition page – you never know you might win some flora doodles today !!!Details on the above page – and the advise page is still running and needs questions too

Many thanks for stopping by



3 thoughts on “Part 2 of the workshop – Printable Inkjet Shrink

  1. Another very useful workshop and beautiful end product. I haven’t tried the injet shrink plastic but will do now.

    Thanks Suzanne.

    Chrissie x

  2. Suzanne hi,
    Thanks for the lovely ideas.
    Can you please send me the brand name of the shrink plastik you use (the one that is printable inkjet). and also- is there a chance that every type of shrink plastik will be fine for printing on?

    Thanks a lot,

  3. Hi Inbar
    The inkjet Shrink is from `Crafty Computer Papers ` – I like the frosted on best – it comes in a plain pack , no brand to it
    And no you cant print on normal shrink – hope this helps
    Thanks for the kind comments too


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