Inkjet Self Adheshive Film Workshop

Well here today`s workshop – Working with Inkjet Clear film 

 and there is a part 2 tomorrow

This special VERY thin membrane self adhesive film allows you print an image and create an almost invisible sticker onto a variety of surfaces like Candles, Glass, Wood, Eggs, Bottles, Christmas Tree Balls, and Plastics

Candles look great if you use a chunky ivory candle and then print the design you fancy – if necessary repeat the image so you can stick them all the way round the candle.

 The image is from the Jayne Netley Mathew Cd & it`s printed on Clear inkjet self adheshive film – it was going to be on a candle but couldn`t find one so better still for me I have vamped up this old coffee container and it will be lovely in my kitchen – I have wrapped it up to show how to make a nice inexpensive gift

1. Print you image onto your self adhesive inkjet sheet and follow instructions – ensure the ink is dry before completing the next steps – I have copied and pasted onto a blank word sheet that`s why there is a bit of another oval in the corner – but this saves the film and the ink for other uses


2. Trim around the edge of the image


3. Make sure your pot , glass or candle is a clean surface – if using on a candle it is for decorative purposes only – not to be lit


4. Remove part of the edge of the back of the film


5. Till you have removed it all – position on your surface


6. And smooth down the film – I use a cloth gently across the image / film to make sure there are no bubbles


7. And that is as easy as that – now to dress the gist – take a large square of clear wrap and sit your gift in the middle – gather up all the edges together and then hold in a scrunch at the point you will tie a ribbon around – now tie your ribbon into a bow


8. As there will lots of excess wrap – trim upwards on a slant to remove so of the wrap and it just neatens it up


9. I have added a shrink duck to the bow using the jump rings liked the technique used in the workshop  a few days ago – tip number 6 , 7 & 8 


10. Tomorrows workshop will be the shrink plastic embellishment


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop

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