Bit of fun to celebrate over 25,000 hits on my blog – THANK YOU

I can`t believe that I have had that many hits on the blog and as a thank you I thought I would give away a few prizes over the next 6 days –

As the Flora Doodles are appearing on Create & Craft this weekend and I have had so much fun with them I thought I would offer these as a small prize & a bit of fun – I saw Glenda hide prizes amongst peoples blogs and that is where I got the idea from – just I don`t know how to do that so will hide them within my blog – it will finish on Sunday when the launch show has been on


So I have 5 boxes of the Large Flora Doodles ( provided by myself ) – I will a hide thumbnail photo of the flora doodle within one of the postings that is on my blog – over the whole of my blog 

When you see it – add a comment to that same blog entry as the thumbnail of the flora doodles and the first to do so will win a box of the Flora Doodles  – when it is won i`ll leave the name underneath it and the words winner so you can see how many have been won

 Every message comes through to my e-mail so i`ll be able to see easily who has won ( the photo about is not part of the competition !!! ) – sometimes posting have to be approved and don`t show up but the time will so i`ll make sure no-one misses out through that

You will then need to contact with your address details – using Yuku will be best and i`ll send the prize off as soon as all 5 prizes are won – if not beforehand

( An alternative box will be sent if this colour is not available but there should be no problems- just covering myself )

I will post the first prize tonight ( Tuesday ) and as and when over the 6 days without saying when – well got to make it a bit harder for you – so keep watching out

       Thanks for all your support and lovely comments you have been making

– they make posting  that much easier

Enjoy the show on Create and craft 671 & Ideal World 644 on Sunday at 2-00pm till 4.00pm



9 thoughts on “Bit of fun to celebrate over 25,000 hits on my blog – THANK YOU

  1. That is so generous of you Suzanne and congratulations on the huge amount of hits to your blog, but I’m not really surprised as all your creations are wonderful.
    Glad to see you’re enjoying your jump rings! lol

  2. Congrats on the blog hits, you deserve them for the quality of items you put on here 🙂 The competition is a very kind and fun idea 🙂 Good luck to everyone 🙂 Jenny M xx

  3. So pleased you blog has been an outstanding success Suzanne, you deserve it as I realise it must take so much time and thought to put something new each day. The competition is a really kind thing to do.

    Christine xxx

  4. Many thanks for these kind words – just glad you like coming and having a look round
    I enjoy doing them – so long may they continue

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