Embossing Fonts from the Printer !!!!

Well today`s workshop is something I learnt very early on in my crafting life but have only used it twice many moons ago – I had forgotten until today when I wanted to print something on a dark vellum to go under one of Joanna Sheen`s new frames – I put the Iridescent pearlescent vellum in the printer and printed my words so it would fill the aperture – well it was a pile of dotted ink that came out of the printer

I remember the embossing technique so played around and did it on some normal vellum and was so pleased I did 

Here is the results including the new frame Joanna will be releasing soon 

 sorry for the slight glare just I used Halo embossing powder and it has a right twinkle in it

This Technique only really works on vellum or materials that the ink dries slowly form the printer from – so play around and see what works well for you

Below is just the frame – the finished sample will be added after the show

So today`s workshop is just that –

1. I can`t show you the first page of vellum as you have to work really fast before the ink dry –  I would set my powder up and tray right next to the printer and when I print my words on a plain document I use nice open letters and have the words right near the bottom of the page so this is the last be to be printed -you can quickly whip the vellum out and sprinkle the embossing powder over the font

 I tend to use best print so you have lots of ink – more chance of getting the powder on before it dries

I have used BroadwayBT – size 26 for this one


2. Once the powder is on – it doesn`t have to be embossed straight away but with technique I would


3. Using your heatgun emboss the words – be careful not to over emboss as the vellum can warp – some prefer to heat from underneath the vellum – you might find that works for you


4. Then apply your vellum to the back of the frame – I find using a tape gun helps work around the curves and gets right up to the edge of the frame for a nice hold


5. Once it is added to the frame apply to your base card or use however you wish – I have edged the frame with Sakura gold pentouch – wouldn`t guess I like the gold pen would you !!!


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop and bringing back some memories too

Please any question’s for the September Advice papge please add – I have one at the moment – thanks for that and keeping the page going – who knows you might be the only one and win the goodies !!!



10 thoughts on “Embossing Fonts from the Printer !!!!

  1. Wow … this opens up a whole new world … I had no idea that it was possible.

    Can’t wait to have a go myself.

    Thanks very much for sharing x

  2. Must give that a try – thanks Suzanne. Sometimes find it hard putting the words I want on a card and end up compromising – this migt solve my problem!

    C xx

  3. Yes great tip Suzanne i also learnt this myself when i first started card making 3 years ago
    Just had a good look around your blog amazing cards you clever girl..sorry busy with wedding plans not had much chance of looking lately
    Wendy xx

  4. Great tutorial again Suzanne.
    I have very few word stamps so I nearly always have to print.
    This also works well on pearly? paper or card.
    Finding that the ink wouldn’t dry I found this the only way.
    This is a really beautiful card and I like the font you have used.

  5. Love your work I have had a good look around your blog, what i’d like to know is do you have to have a particular printer like ink jet or whatever?

    • Hi there – thanks for the kind words – yes just a normal inkjet printer – at the time it was a HP one but have used my Epson one lately
      I hope that helps
      Suzanne x

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