How to make an 8.25 inch Square card from 2 A4 sheets of card

Well today`s workshop is to answer a few people`s question about making a large square card using 2 A4 sheets of card – like the card below – the shape works well as a base canvas for many designs and this is my favourite size of card – the last photo is a sneak preview of an envelope / cover for the card – but i`m affraid you`ll have to wait for that one till it`s added to the website

I had a lovely e-mail from a lady wanting to make a card for her Sister Birthday and I said I would post a small workshop that would be of use

1. Take use first sheet of A4 card and score it 8.25inches in from the edge – fold and crease at this line

I find that the stardream double sided card is wonderful for this design as you have the nice colour card inside too

Add double sided tape to the inside of the short flap


2. Now lay the largest part of the card on your flat surface and lay your second piece of card on top of the large piece of card – make sure the card is butted right up to the score line – remove the double sided tape and ensure the edges of the card you have just placed down are lined up and straight – then stick the small flap down


3. Now the top piece will be 8.25 inches wide and the underneath piece needs to be trimmed off

I normally run a line of Sakura gold pentouch down the line the appears on the back – the join – or place a small topper towards the bottom of the card


4. There you have your 8.25 inch square card ready for your design of your chose


To send in the post this size – I like to wrap the card in tissue paper and tie a bow – and then add bubblepac – or make a cover like below

Click here for Wrap Workshop – great for sending your large card in

Thanks for looking at today`s small but handy workshop



15 thoughts on “How to make an 8.25 inch Square card from 2 A4 sheets of card

  1. Thanks suzanne, this just what l wanted step by step how to do this. l love this card you made, just wonderful l will be doing mine soon sue xxx

  2. You’ve made my day Suzanne!!! Now I can make an eight inch square card! Thank you again! Yippee!
    From a happy bunny.
    Sheila xx

  3. Thank you for the instructions on this card it is a really lovely card and idea. Especially for someone who likes needlework. I have finished the card you so kindly started for me and will be using this size again in the future. Cathy xxxx

  4. God idea will try this Suzanne. Is it possible to make an envelope for the card from A3 paper for posting? Alison

  5. Alison – I don`t see why not if only folded across and make a tab opened – haven`t tried it but you know me might have to now !!!
    Will post it if I do

  6. Great idea here, I am going to give it a go. What weight of card would you recommend for these larger cards please?

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