Fuzzy Bear

Well today`s sample is one from the Jayne Netley Mathew Cd and what a STUNNING cd this is – just about everything I need in a cd for all my friends and families cards – even done to this cute teddy

It was made printing onto fuzzy inkjet paper – I only had one sheet and printed the image out twice and set about cut it out – you see there are 3 layers in some parts – like the nose and paw pads – well I cheated and cut these parts from the bottom layer as they would only be covered up and the bow was the same – so I was most pleased that I managed to get the effect I wanted with the small piece of fuzzy paper I had left

It`s hard to see the depth but it`s a real touchy feely card

To make the card for a Birthday I wrapped the ribbon around the mounted backing paper to give a parcel effect

Thanks for looking in a this piece

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10 thoughts on “Fuzzy Bear

  1. You make the most beautiful cards. I have a lot of Joanna Sheen products and I will be coming to visit you often to find out how best to use them. I have recently purchased the Jayne Netley-Mayhew CD and am looking forward to using it. Thanks for all the hints and tips.

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