Christmas Jump Ring Workshop

Today I thought I would have another play with the jump rings as I loved playing with them so much the other day – I thought i`d make a Christmas card this time so it would help towards the amount I make – trying to think ahead !!!

So the card is using the Enchanted Christmas Cd– and the image is on cd 2 I believe – just a simple but effective card – it does look nicer standing up as the acetate piece falls nicely but for the workshop this shot looked best



1. Copy using the snapshot tool this image into a plain document and print onto printable inkjet acetate

You can do in mirror image our just as is – I prefer to have the image so it is facing the opposite way to the backing paper so I leave it as it is


2. Optional – I have cut a piece of glitter cardto go underneath the aceatate – just to give some quick sparkle


3. I have left the piece above the hat clear from glitter card so it gives the feeling of the shape free hanging


4. Below the holly on the top I have placed some 3mm red tape – then stuck the glitter card onto the back


5. Matt and layer the matching backing paper to the bottom of the card and then  another backing paper with Merry Christmas on for the top part – this will help show the swinging piece off

5. dsc033131

6. Make an organza bow


7. On the reverse add your first large jump ring


8. Then as it`s acetate I have added a eyelet to the top of the image piece – then apply the jump rings in between – instructions found here if you have missed how or would like to know


9. Attach the completed piece onto your card using silicone glue – I find best

9. dsc033181

10. Then to finish off add a sentiment at the bottom


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop – thanks to this i`m one card less for Christmas to make

Advise page & competition info link – new page added just for this



7 thoughts on “Christmas Jump Ring Workshop

  1. you and me both suzanna i do like jump rings they are great for adding bits to cards
    and the cd is 1 of my all time favs
    the card is stunning by the way (smile)
    love linda xxx

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