Card Toonz – Professional Nuttyness Plane Workshop

Today`s workshop is a simple on – but just really to show a nice way to add dimension very easily

I have used the Card Toonz – Professional Nuttyness Cd by Andy Carolan and made a fun card great for a little boy or even like some of my family who are plane mad would love this

1. First print of the sheet from the bear section of toppers – I have used glossy photo paper

1. dsc03284

2. Cut each part of the already prepared for you decoupage pieces – I like to curve the pieces with the edge of my closed decoupage snips

2. dsc03285

3. Compile the pieces together – I use silicone glue and allow to set

3. dsc03286

4. Take a piece of thick acetate and trim a 1cm strip of the edge of the sheet

4. dsc032872

5. Now fold over at about 1.5cm`s and crease the acetate – then mount the blue card onto your mirri board

5. dsc03289

6. Now attach the acetate strip onto the back of the mounted board – I find cellotape best for this

6. dsc03290

7. Bring the Acetate forward and hold the plane at an angle at the place you want it to end up – then trim away the excess – keep the cut of bit as you can make smaller ones on different style cards – then attach the plane to the front of the acetate and secure with tape again

7. dsc03292

8. Mount using double sided foam tape the board onto your base card and then add clouds from the cd ( they are from the train section ) and then add on foam pads the 2 smaller planes which come on the same sheet as the main image – and finish with the Bear airways tag


Thanks for looking at another workshop – more tomorrow



8 thoughts on “Card Toonz – Professional Nuttyness Plane Workshop

  1. Oh this is wonderful Suzanne! I must get this CD! Was never quite sure how this was done…mant thanks for another great tutorial!
    Sheila x

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