Advance Notice of Removing the Advice Page

Whilst I thank you all for submitting a question for August advise page and as the winner hasn`t come forward and there are no takers so far for this Months – I have decided that if there are still no takers by the 12 / 09 /08 then I will remove the posting for this month and stop the advice page

If it`s not working then i`ll do something else instead – but don`t want to do to many things all at once

I will keep Dorothy Jupp`s Prize here with the hope she will still come forward

Thanks in advance – you may still add questions if you wish and i`ll keep it running as I like the idea of solving the questions



4 thoughts on “Advance Notice of Removing the Advice Page

  1. Hi Suzanne,
    Haven’t been adding or posting very much lately as I’ve not been too good but I always check on your blog to have a look at your beautiful work. I’m sorry the winner hasn’t come forward yet…maybe she’s on holiday and will get in touch soon as it is such a beautiful card to receive.
    Anyway I would still love to know how to make a larger card from A4…only if you have the time as you’ve done so much since starting your blog.
    Keep up the good work!
    Live Sheila (aka Ginger – Sheenie) xxx

  2. Thanks Sheila – I hope fell 100% again very soon
    They are lovely words thank you

    If you post onto the new September Advise page to keep it going – with a different question i`ll do you a workshop for large card – is it the square on you want with 2 A4 sheets ??? – and i`ll also send you a card with it so you have it up close too
    Just send me your address to my YUKU messages and i`ll sort within a week
    Take care and thank you for being the first on both advise pages !!!

  3. I’m still trying to think of something good enough to try and win Sept’s comp he he Don’t give up on us yet Suzanne 😦 Jenny M xx hugs 🙂

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