Organising My Rubber Stamps !!!

Well firstly I have to say sorry this is why I haven`t been around much over the last few days apart form posting the normal Birthday`s, Schedules and workshop pieces – and sorry for not keeping up with my daily blog visits but a i`m sure you`ll understand as I had to organise my Rubber Stamps

I was finding it hard to locate a single stamp when I needed and i`m to ashamed to put a picture of what it was before as it was just boxed high on the Washing Machine

Kris kindly put 2 cupboards up in the Kitchen for all my craft bits – will finish and post a photo too but I was going to have 3 in there but it would have looked to bulky so thought of this plan for the office and my stamps – i`m so pleased I did

I just wanted to share it with you and offer if anyone wants the sheets of the stamp images i`m happy to e-mail them to you – they are just copied from the website and pasted to a plain sheet and I have numbered them all to match the box number for easy finding

My next task is to sort within the boxes and layer the sheets up with the stamps laying flat – but I need a break first for that

I also love that I can see what I want to use at a glance and get inspired

And the fact I have nearly the top shelf free as it only has 3 boxes so can fill that in time

I have to add the door is opening the wrong way but as I told Kris to do them that way in the Kitchen he followed suit here – but can`t complain as it was gone 11pm he added the door – bless

Thanks for looking in at what I have been doing 



5 thoughts on “Organising My Rubber Stamps !!!

  1. You have been very organised, I’m impressed 🙂 I’m afraid my stamps are organised in a more random manner a box for people, another for animals, one for oriental and other cultures, one for Christmas, one for flowers and foliage and finally one for phrases and arty swirls etc 🙂 I have a rubber stamp fetish he he 🙂
    Jenny M

  2. I agree Suzanne that being organised takes a lot of strain and stress out of trying to do something and wasting loads of time just trying to locate the image. You have done a great job with your stamps.

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