Welly Notelets

Today`s posting to share along side my posting about the daily workshop which will be found on the cardmaking step by step forum – with *** NEW *** on the heading

Well this photo / gift  I tried to find a few weeks back to post with the cyclamen notelet holder – this one was made as a gift and a certain person – but you can`t guess who !!!! – such an adorable face and there is another famous dog that goes by the name of Snoop on some of the notelets too

I will do a workshop as promised – I did try and work out how I did it – which I did to a fashion – but I remember a few problems so trying to think how best to sort them and have a better workshop

Please checkout the winner of the August Monthly advise Page – this has now closed but you may enter September Advise page if you wish

Many thanks for taking the time to look



5 thoughts on “Welly Notelets

  1. How cute is that wee dog’s expression. I reckon he could con you out of anything he wanted with those big eyes. I’m sure a certain person has her work cut out with this guy. 🙂
    Lovely gift idea Suzanne. TFS.

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