Decoupage Framed

Today`s workshop is mainly about framing your decoupage – to add weight to the frame and stiffen the mount onto mirri board

1. I have printed a frame mount from the Cardmakers cd 1 – this has been copied and pasted into a plain word sheet so as to enlarge the frame to fit the decoupage – place your frame onto mirri board and leave a 5mm border around the edge

Now cut out the inner frame ( not the orignal image but you get the idea from the image – just cut the inner frame removing the white piece of card


2. Turn over the mirri board and draw round the cut out inner frame in pencil


3. Now cut out the mirri board making sure you cut on the outer of the pencil line – maybe 5 mm away from it so you don`t loose the strength of the card below the frame


4. Now using Sakura gold pentouch colour the inner frame and then using double sided tape mounted the frame onto the mirri bord   

I find this technique the easiest when adding a frame to your mirri card


5. Take your decoupaged sheet and cut all the images out – I have left the second largest image out as it bulks the image out to much under the frame – and also left the final head off just though personal preference

Now compile your decoupage


6. Once completed your decoupage is ready for the frame which is mounted with foam tape


7. The design is finished off on a shimmer brown base card and with a blue organza ribbon and a few flowers in the bottom corner


I find that mounting the frames just gives that little extra to a card and helps strengthen them at the same time – there are also the ready made mounts that are available – with different apertures

Thanks for sharing today`s workshop – please take a look at the winning question that will be made into a step by step workshop as well as receiving a card and lots of goodies too

You may start the September Advise page – and very happy to see the same questions added if yours didn`t get picked

Thanks for all talking to time to visit and comment on this blog – it does mean a lot



10 thoughts on “Decoupage Framed

  1. Thanks for this tutorial Suzanne I now know how to add that mirri edging 🙂 Another gorgeous card to inspire us 🙂
    Jenny M xx

  2. Wow Suzanne,
    Am I glad I found this blog. I got here via Graphicus but I don’t know how I’ve not found it before. I’ll be adding it to my favourites if that’s OK.
    Beryl xx

  3. Many thanks for these lovely comments
    And Beryl i`m so pleased you have found the Blog and thank you for having me on your favourites
    Joanna along with Glenda`s products are my favourites
    Thank you

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