Stamping on Ribbon

Well today`s offerings is another simple technique yet effective on stamping on Organza Ribbon – I thought about this workshop as I did a sample using the Christmas stamps and was going to use this as the finished piece – but I can`t find it so I have done a simple similar one – sometimes you just need a quick card and this fits the bill

The card is really all about the colours toning with the ribbon and the stamps image for a quick , classy feel

1. First take your wide Organza ribbon – and the stamp you have chosen – you`ll need a Staz-on ink pad


2. Stamp the image probably 3 times onto the ribbon


3. When doing the stamping as it`s Organza ribbon the ink will go through – so make sure you move the ribbon each time you stamp to a clean piece of card  , although it`s staz on ink it doesn`t dry quick enough to do the whole ribbon all in one ( guess who found that out !!!)

Below is how much of the ink comes through  


4. Now take your card you are going to mount the ribbon onto and place double sided tape in the top left hand side and the bottom right hand side


5. Once your ribbon is dry place it at the two opposite corners at the points where my fingers are and the scissors – this is because there is a bias to the ribbon and it lays best in this direction


6. Secure on edge of the ribbon to one corner – pull the other end of the ribbon firmly to the other edge and wrap round and secure on the double sided tape


7. You will then be left with a piece of ribbon that folds upwards so just trim your ribbon to a cm`s width and then fold the poking out piece back on it`s self and tape down with cellotape


8. Mount your ribbon mounted card onto a matching base card


9. Then add a sentiment to finish the card, this is just a Merry Christmas typed into word and changed the font – then aged the plain piece of card with `old paper` Tim Holtz distressed ink pad  – it`s mounted onto more green card and edged with a very fine line of Sakura gold pentouch

You can decorate it more but I like the simple look


This technique works well with words or a sentiment you want add to a card – like below

It`s just a fun way to play with colours and textures – thanks for sharing in today`s workshop

Today is the closing day for the ADVISE PAGE  – so please add an entry today and you can be in for the offerings as the page states

Thanks Suzanne


7 thoughts on “Stamping on Ribbon

  1. I would never have thought of stamping on ribbon until I saw you do it, its brilliant he he 🙂 Guess I will be buying wider ribbons now hehe 🙂 Jenny M x

  2. Hi – thanks for all the loevly comments

    Sylvia Y the font used is
    BDRenaissance – it was pinted on white and then I wiped Tim Holtz`s `Old Paper across it – for an aged look

    I hope this is a starndard one or your computer – if not maybe I could type whatever you need off and send it to you
    Take care

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