Vellum Fan – Part 2

 This Workshop is just a simple one to finish of yesterday`s Vellum Fan workshop – sometimes we take for granted that everyone knows all the techniques that we might pick up early on in crafting – so today will be on the tearing and colouring of the paper for the base of the card

1. Print off your backing paper – this is a borderless landscape sheet from the Victorian Companion Cd

Place the towards the right hand side of the backing paper – this is torn pulling toward you so the rough edge of the paper is shown – tear backwards if you want it smooth


2. Scoe an A4 sheet of tapestry card  into A5 ( I find this makes the card allowing for the rest to be simple )

Place the torn backing paper just to the right of the centre 


3. Once level top and bottom – crease at the fold of the card


4. Now leave a couple of inches around the back and I bend it to show me at what point to cut the backing paper – now trim at this point


5. Take a gold Brilliance Pad and colour the torn edges – your inkpad will be needed to be angled to achieve the effect on the edge – just keep wiping it over the edge till you have all the rough edge coloured


6. Now run a line of Sakura gold pentouch down the straight edge – which will appear on the back of the fan card – I use a piece of card underneath and that just allows you to run the pen at an angle down the card to achieve a crisp clean line


7. Once complete using double sided tape stick the edge close to the straight gold line on the back of the card and then one piece down the front allowing the torn edge to be free to add to the effect

Then add your vellum fan form yesterday`s workshop


8. This can also be done on vellum with the gold pen touch as it gives a very crisp elegant feel to the vellum edge


This for sharing in today`s workshop

Please check out the advice page as this month`s page finishes tomorrow – still time to enter – go on think of the craft supplies if nothing else !!!!



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