Messy Rabbit Gets A Cosmic Shimmer

 Today`s workshop stems from me wanting to use the

comsic shimmers powders

I used the above Set 4 – summer shade and also the face Set 1 and the pale gold

I wanted to use them with water rather than the dusting that I only ever used – I liked the results and thought I would share them

Now this may not be the right way to do it but found some interested techniques when trying – so sorry if i`m doing it wrong but just wanted to share

 1. Stamp your image you want to colour in – i`m using

`Messy Rabbit`s` baggy jumper stamp

I have used teddy brown embossing powder then heat set the embossing powder – I have just used a scrap of card left over and very messy as I know I was going to trim the stamped image out


2. Take your cosmic shimmer powder and place in a dish neat


3. Now mix with a little water until it is to the thickness you require


4. Paint over your image with the colours you wish to suit the design – whilst wet I took some toilet tissue and wiped away around the nose and eyes as they were disappearing under the paint


5. This produces a lovely effect of shading around the face – don`t worry that the paint goes over the edges as it will be cut away


6. Continue to build your colours – I started to use to colours that toned but while using them found they were very close depth wise – so I used the same technique and wiped away with the tissue starting from the top – not on the darker ribbed part of the jumper and this gave a lovely effect


7. I then carried on and used Sakura glaze pens or stardust for the holly & berries etc – once dried I cut out the Messy Rabbit

It was asked the other week on Joanna Sheen`s Forum how to cut out the whiskers – so I thought I would build this into the workshop

I cut all around the messy rabbit up to the whiskers and then in block around them  


8. Then snip with my decoupage snips into each side of the whisker – try and do it in one snip right up to the edge of the embossing powder – I then tip up the card so I can then cut across the base


9. Then you have your completed Messy Rabbit complete with whiskers – failing that if you do cut them off you can place the stamped image straight onto card and emboss and the whiskers will show thought when the messy rabbit is placed onto


Well I enjoyed playing with these Cosmic Shimmers in this way and hopefully it will encourage others to use them as they have some great colours

Thanks for sharing in this workshop



13 thoughts on “Messy Rabbit Gets A Cosmic Shimmer

  1. Hi Suzanne apart from seeing your great card..can I also see a thumbnail of the Flora Doodles under the cosmic shimmers?

    love Sheila xx

  2. Hi Suzanne
    am i the first to find your flora doodles? good idea to hide them, have had fun going backwards, cos I usually just check new posts on blogs – that’ll teach me to explore a bit more!

  3. Well done Sheila for finding it the fastest – if you don`t mind dropping my a line with your address in private – you are now the owner of these Flora Doodles
    The posting 1,2 & 3 are messages to the orginal posting as you can see from the date and times

    Thanks for looking and keep a look at for the next set soon
    Nearly Veronica – beaten by 3 minutes – sorry although there are 4 more sets to win so hopefully you`ll get one of those

  4. Hi Suzanne, I really pleased to have won the FDs..thank you so much as they are a great accessory to our cards. The trouble is they are just too pretty to use so I may just have to stroke them! Lol!
    Many thanks for your kind gift and good luck everyone.
    have PM’d you Suzanne.
    love Sheila xx

  5. Hi Suzanna,
    I know I’m too late in finding the Flora Doodle thumbnail, but I wanted to add a comment anyway to say as huge THANK YOU to you for sharing all your lovely creations. I find your tutorials very helpful and appreciate all the time and effort you put in sharing them with us.

  6. Jenny thank you for these kind words as to all the other comments too
    I`m pleased you find them helpful as that is my main aim – sorry the flora doodles have been won but there will be 2 more before Sunday so maybe you might find then when they go up
    Take care and thanks again

  7. Please can you tell me what card / paper you stamp on. I am just started to think on stamping .. I say ‘think ‘as I have bought the stamps but not had the courage to use them yet. I do not know what it is best to stamp on when decoupageing them. Please help me or they may neer be used!!!

  8. Kate – this one was done a sone rey & graphics 160 gsm paper / card form Staples – office stationary company – I use it a lot just for printing onto – or if I had had it to hand I use the reverse of white hammered card – colour like that card without light the card up when mixing colours

    Happy stamping and colouring – shout if you get stuck

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