White Vellum Fan – Workshop

White detail embossing powder on vellum is one of my favourites although it doesn`t always show up well on TV – but by adding it to a patterned background just brings it out – this is a very simple card but it`s always nice to have quick cards to make

 Today`s workshop is a simple on but effective technique to use and being simple allows me to do a very in depth step by deep to explain every part – I thought I would do this as a few questions were asked about it on the blog

1. Wipe over your vellum or parchment with an anti static bag & Using a versamark ink pad stamp the image onto your sheet – you will need 2 fans for this project

At this point I would now strengthen the vellum as in this previous workshop – points 3 & 4 – it helps to cover up the silicone glue used to give the fan the depth


2. Cut the first one out as a whole fan


3. Then the 2nd one just the hearts and base of the fan going around the curve this will leave a little of the stamp behind


4. Now cut out the top part of the fan leaving the rim off


5. With your scissors carefully curve your pieces to give extra depth


6. Match the Base fan and the small bottom top piece together and using a Japanese screw punch or whatever you normally use – make a whole in the point of the tips of the hearts – once you have the hole glue the piece to the fan base


7. Now apply the top panel of vellum to the base and using silicone glue place more towards the top and squeeze the lower part so the glues attach’s itself without to much depth leaving the top part more tilted and raised


8. When the glue is dry punch through a tassel and secure at the back – either with glue or cellotape


9. And here you have your dimensional fan ready to be mounted to your card


Many thanks for sharing in this simple but effective workshop

Part 2 of the workshop – click here



5 thoughts on “White Vellum Fan – Workshop

  1. I’ve just been catching up with the last few days posts Suzanne. Gorgeous work and a lovely tutorial on the Cosmic Shimmers. Loved the dimensional fan. 🙂

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