Messy Rabbits are Football Crazy

Well – thought as it was topical I would add this sample of the football Messy Rabbits – the idea came about after I did a workshop on pop out cards and my love of the standard double pop out design I did way back – I love football although since our Daughter has been around we haven`t been to our local football club – but I had to do the colours blue & white for the card – I just had so much fun making this simple – but effective card which is basically 2 pop up card stick to a main A4 sheet of card with a bit of matt and layering and then a front panel to house the messy rabbits – finished of with a football pitch which was just from google – I have used the Lyra Aquacolours for colouring in

Many thanks for looking – please check out part 2 of my daily workshop & the advice page – it closes 31st of August so not long !!! – can`t wait to see what the project will be !!!!



7 thoughts on “Messy Rabbits are Football Crazy

  1. What a fab card Suzanne, thanks for sharing

    I have been watching from afar for the past few weeks as very busy in my non crafting life, but please keep them coming as you have given me loads of inspiration to come back to should I ever find the time.


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