Ballerina Brag Book – Part 2

 Ballerina Brag book part 2 – part one Ballerina Brag Book 1 if needed here

So continuing on from yesterday to complete the book below

 8. Insert the matted card onto the base of the card using double sided tape and then again using DST on the back of the concertina card place that onto the matted card


9. Now the base is done now for the fun part of the messy rabbits – stamp with black or brown staz-on onto card


10. Now colour in your messy rabbits – technique is shown on number 7 and 8 of this link – cut the messy rabbits out and if you wish add glitter at the bottom of the tu-tu – make sure the watercolouring is dry first !!!!


11. Now your brag book is ready to be filled with the messy rabbits – I have placed the main rabbit on the first and last page and then the shoes on alternate pages with an organza bow – I find silicone glue best but foam pads can be used – just don`t raise them up to much – allow to dry before next stage


12. Take another smaller piece of card and matt that onto silver mirri – this is for the back of the book – place your length of ribbon across the back half way down and secure with tape – I tend to put lots on and then cover with your matted panel – then add a shoe and bow


13. So now you have your completed brag book – you just need to fold the flaps down and tie the card up with a bow


14. Another matted card and Ballerina is used to dress the front cover and the all important ballet shoes to finish it all off


Thanks for sharing another workshop – I hope enjoyed this book – it can be used for the base of many different ideas

Please have a look at the advise page only 5 days till closing



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