Messy Rabbit through the Window – Workshop

Well after posting the card yesterday as seeing as it`s the launch of `MESSY RABBIT ` today on Create and Craft what better time to do this workshop

1. Take 2 sheets of the bedroom scene from your `Messy Rabbit ` backing papers and cut out the window panes – I have used decoupage snips as I find they work well


2. Now attach a piece of acetate to the back of the paper to cover the cut out window panes – I have used 3mm double sided tape


3. Using a scrap of the a piece of the backing paper – one I had used to decoupage a tree from – this works well for behind the widow


4. Place the scrap piece behind the window to see how high you want the grass etc to sit – cut to size

Also cut out the curtains including the bookshelf and the lamp – you may want to decoupage the books and open books pages too


5. Then I have mounted the grass to a piece of card that is 5mm`s extra around each side of the main bedroom scene


6. Now stamp your Bunnies and accessories onto a piece of card – I have used black staz-on


7. You are then ready to colour them in – I find that the lyra aquacolours work best for me – scribble some of the required colour onto an acrylic block and mix up with a drop of water from thekoi brush – there isn`t a pink so i just mix red and white which is great as you can get different shades – I like the darker pink


8. Colour your Rabbits in – I always colour well over the edges as I`m going to be cutting them out – this way you can do it very quickly – one dry cut out all your pieces


9. Colour only half one of the rabbits – and place her on the grass background – I normally add the window in front first to see where the rabbit will be looking


10. Now fill the main sheet with all your cut out pieces – I have added the decoupaged curtains first – don`t stick down the pole as I have added the tu tu dress on a hanger ( just a piece of wire from a paper flower stem – bent round and stick down with double sided tape and a foam pad )

Add the ballet shoes and a bow and I have glitted the bottom of the dresses for extra girlyness – also I have scribbled on the opened page of the book


11. Attach the main paper to the grass sheet behind – I have used foam tape to allow for the bunny underneath – then attach it to your base card & this is your card complete


Thanks for looking in on today`s workshop – please take a look at the advise page – not long to go now

and thanks for all the ongoing support and messages – they are appreciated



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