Vellum Panel with Gold Pentouch

This workshop is the first of 2 and will show you how to do the vellum panel for the front of the tall pop out card and tomorrow will be how to do the tall pop out card itself

The panel is useful for many things as you don`t always want to add brads to your work – vellum can be fixed under the flowers like below – but the very nature of the vellum would not lay flat so this method works well – this panel is without using the white card behind the vellum so the backing paper shows thought

So this is the card I will do the part 2 workshop tomorrow on – but today it will help to see how the vellum panel was made


1. Take your vellum you wish to use for the panel – for the pop out card I have done this on yellow vellum

Wipe the vellum with an anti static bag and using your panel stamp with versamark – stamp the image onto the vellum


2. Whilst the versamark is wet apply your embossing powder – I like to use the halo gold for this


3. With vellum it needs a good flick with your finger from behind the stamped image to remove any loose powder


4. Once you have done that you are ready to emboss the powder – on vellum you can emboss from the back for a great result – once it is embossed trim your panel leaving just a small rim around the outside


5. Take your Sakura gold pentoch – I use the 2mm one and edge the vellum by running the pen down the edge – I prefer to do this on a flat surface and with a scrap piece of card underneath – the ridge between the vellum and the card allow the pen to run nicely down the design for a smooth finish to your work


6. Turn the vellum over and using a 3mm double sided tape apply this to all 4 edges


7. Now apply this to a piece of white card – this is just to allow you to be able to fix the panel using foam tape or DST again – but like with the daffodil first card it can be done without if you just want the image flat on your card

Trim the edges so they are flush with the gold edging


8. Now you are ready to apply this to your work


Why not try different colours embossing powders – I love the white on white but it works best with a darker background – and here shows of why the backing of white is needed so you can raise the vellum for extra dimension

Thanks for sharing my workshop today and the tall pop out card tomorrow

Please check out the advise page should you want to enter or just look at what others have asked



10 thoughts on “Vellum Panel with Gold Pentouch

  1. Now I know what I why mine looked wrong, I didn’t place on card but more importantly I was trying to cut around the pattern and it just looked tatty. Cutting it into a square makes it look so much more professional. Thanks loads for these tutorials Suzanne 🙂 Hugs Jenny M x

  2. Wow thanks for these kind words and i`m very touched by the last comment saying it has encouraged you to have a go – when I started doing these workshops part of me wanted to show how easy things can be and these words mean a lot
    Thank you

  3. I really love this workshop Suzanne especially using the gold pens. Have entered your blog for Sakura pens and as I said in this I love ’em especially the gold and silver markers. Using flower instead of brads is absolutely brilliant. Thanks a million. Hugs Dorothy. Another project to save in my folder.

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