Envelope Liners

Well today`s workshop is another simple but useful one – envelope liners – you can do stamped ones as below or using a stunning backing paper to co-ordinate your work – which ever the way it just adds that something extra to your card

This daffodil one is done without using the white edge and on vellum  and a Velcro dot can be used for the fastening  – I will do a workshop on how to do this technique soon

Or like this one the backing paper is printed both sides so you just cut the envelope out as it is one of the ready to print templates on from the Floral Fantasy cd

Envelope Liner Workshop 

This is done on a standard envelope shape but the idea can be used on other shapes too

1. Take your envelope and your backing paper you wish to use


2. I line the edge 5mm`s in from the edge on the left hand side and then with a pencil mark 5mm`s in from the right hand side and then at the bottom edge so you get your markings for the shape – see pencil markings

Please rember if you are not using borderless paper then you will have a white edge at the top of the backing paper and will need to make sure your design fits in the shape 


3. Remove the envelope and draw down your markings you made


4. Cut your shape out – at this point you can curve the edges of the paper where the fold of the envelope is if you don`t want straight edges – I use a gold pentouch just to add to the finish – this need only be on the top edges


5. Apply Double sided tape to the top part of the liner – don`t apply it to low down as it will stop your envelope shutting properly


6. Place the liner into the envelope


7. Once it is in the correct place – (ensuring you leave the glue part free) – fold the liner and envelope down and crease it into place


8. Once you have a crisp line remove the double sided tape and fold the envelope shut – best to close it down so the envelope doesn`t snag or pull


9. No open it up and your envelope and liner is complete


Thanks for sharing this workshop – another tip is to make templates out of thick acetate and have them already for you projects – I have 3 different sizes and they come in handy just to do a quick liner to finish a piece

Please take a look at the advise page encase you have thought of something – the more the merrier



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