Flowersoft Workshop

Working with Flowersoft – & how to activate it ???

This workshop may have simple bits in it but I have done it as an overview so all can see how it is used

Take your pot of Flowersoft and tip it into a large bowl

With your fingers tease the flowersoft as that any bits stuck together become free and you have an even flowersoft ready to use

This is now ready to use and store in a container once you have finished with your project

This card ( well the topper ) was made at the Create and Craft Hilton Weekend – where we all attended a Flowersoft workshop – I have always liked Flowersoft but hardly used it – until now where I understand it a bit more – during the workshop I found out some useful tips that I wanted to share

1. Firstly take you Flowersoft topper and dot with glue – this is done dabbing the glue on the image and pulling the glue upwards when applying it – mainly apply not on the main feature like the flowers or the berries 

 I always did this in the past thinking it was the right thing to do – but it makes sense leaving image to shine through & to get the most from your topper )

One of the biggest tips of the workshop was less is more with Flowersoft – and it did look nicer being delicate


2. Now sprinkle the prepared Flowersoft onto the image – apply lots over a sheet of paper or tub and flick the excess off once it has covered the glue


3. Then you will be left with your completed topper ready to add to your card


4. Now making a flower – take a piece of the flowersoft wire a couple of inches long – and apply the glue at the end of the wire – this is done turning the wire as you have placed the glue on the wire so you get an even layer down the length – this will be the length of the flower you wish


5. With your Flowersoft in a bowl – hold your wire with glue on and jump the flowersoft over the wire – ( sorry but it`s hard to show a picture how ) – but the Flowersoft will land on the glue and you will have your flower


6. Place the wire with the Flowersoft on into a piece of foam – complete all of your wires – best to work in odd numbers as they work best for floral arrangements

Once your flowers have dried you can add them to your work or store in a plastic bag ready for whenever you wish to use them


7. This card was made by Sonia Turner and is stunning and shows the way your flowers can look to enhance your work – it makes for a very elegant touch to you card – and Thank you Sonia for allowing me to include this on the workshop 



Thanks for looking at today`s workshop and please have a look at the advise page – more questions are coming in – so please add yours

There are also Flowersoft tips from the experts themselves over on the tuiton & advice pages 

on Joanna Sheen`s website

Flowersoft top 20 tips

Mini Bouquet

Name Card




9 thoughts on “Flowersoft Workshop

  1. Thanks Suzanne for another great workshop,and I,m the proud owner of the 1st card thanks for sending it to me,,,love sue xxxxx

  2. Thanks for this, in the past I have always placed the Flowersoft on the main feature such as the flowers or berries and lost the image to a blob of Flowersoft. I’ll try this out later 🙂
    Jenny M xx

  3. Great tutorial Suzanne, I am still not sure about the flowersoft but with your very clear instructions you may have changed my mind. Thank you for taking the time for doing these for us. Speaking for myself I am sure everyone else thinks the same
    Beryl x

  4. Thank you for your very clear instructions Suzanne…I think maybe I’ve gone over the top in the past but will now tone it down a bit.

    love Sheila xx

  5. Thanks for your tutorial Suzanne, I have several colour pots but not got round to using them much, so much to try and so little time LOL

    Christine x

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