Making A Gift From A Card

This workshop shop is more visual but will take you through the steps for making a lovely gift

It`s based on the idea of the Box of Cookies I showed earlier on my blog with the plate – but this one is easier and much quicker

1. So here is the tri fold card that has the tag shaped window cut out and a cellophane wrap of cookies tied with a couple of ribbons and finished with a few flowers – but the main feature has to be the image – I just adore this one from the Enchanted Christmas Cd


2. Take your A4 card and score a tri-fold card – I always score on the right side and fold downwards

Print off your designs – you will need 4 tags for this design – 2 for the tag window and 2 for the decoupage front panel – in your middle panel take your tag which you have cut out and place it on your card – draw with pencil around the inside of your design – remove the tag and then cut out the tag slightly in from the pencil line so this will be covered by the frame – using a 3mm double sided tape attach your frame to the card and then again on the reverse so it covers the cut out shape

Place the complete tag on the first panel and decoupage the image for extra dimension & using the matching backing paper place a panel on the 3rd side and type a recipe out on word and attach to the card – again I have decoupage the girl to add to the recipe


3. Place your cookies in the centre of a large piece of cellophane and gather the edges up and secure with a ribbon – then dress the cookies with some flowers – because of the nature of the cellophane once you add it into the centre of the card it will hold itself without fixings and is easy to pick up


4. Here is the side with the recipe


5. And the side with the girl image – the first and last panel have a hole punched in the side half way up and a ribbon is placed on to the card secure the card shut


I hope you has given you a few ideas of how to make a standard card fold a bit different

Thanks for sharing – and please visit the advice page if you have any queries – more details over there



4 thoughts on “Making A Gift From A Card

  1. Oh Suzanne you are spoiling us, how on earth are we all going to find the time to tryout your wonderful tutorials. They are so clearly explained and the finished article is gorgeous. Bet none of mine when I get to try them are going to look anything like yours. There will be lots in the bin and the air will probably be a lovely shade of blue. Many thanks for sharing with us, your finished piece is stunning

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